Mother & daughter connection

Posted on Dec 31, 2013 in Testimonials

Mother of an 11 year old girl
 H  ere is a bit about my daughter, who is 11 years old. She has several developmental disorders, has difficulty speaking about her feelings to me, and her father and I divorced several years ago, which she is now starting to understand and accept. That is quite a bit for a 10 year old, when she started to see Skye. The difference in my daughter is unbelieveable. She started to open up to me and talk about her feelings, she has learned to control her anger, and overcome many other obstacles she has had. I cannot say enough about Skye. My daughter actually smiles now! Skye has changed our lives. My daughter always has new challenges she needs to overcome, but I don’t worry anymore… Skye will help her.

Daughter 11 years old
M y mom and dad divorced when I was little. I only get to see my father when it’s summer vacation because he lives in New York. When I moved to Florida, my mom got me a great ‘talking doctor’ so I can talk to her about my feelings. She’s very nice and one time when we were talking about that whole ‘me living in Florida and not seeing my dad that often’ thing, well you won’t believe this but Skye understood my feelings cause the same thing happened to her too! And sometimes Skye brings her dog Asher with her (his breed is a toy poodle). I have so much fun there cause if we have enough time, Skye lets me draw, play with the large doll house, or play with Asher her small dog.